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Domestic Flights

Domestic Flights service in Nepal is famous for delayed or cancel due to weather or technical problem however since regulation of the domestic airline business there are number of private companies operating flights who provide better service and are far more reliable then government owned Royal Nepal Airlines. Some of airstrips; Lukla gate of Mt. Everest Region, Jomsom Airstrip, gate way of Mustang, Dolpa Dunai, Manang, Taplejung, Simikot, Phaplu are the most remote Airstrip in Nepal, Perhaps the world’s.During summer, from June to till mid September, airlines do not operate flight due to heavy monsoon rain and clouds. From mid September monsoon stop, weather changes and become clear, main trekking season begins a lot of individual trekkers and organized groups fly to those airstrips for trekking. If you are considered to book yours flight upon arrival in Kathmandu, you loose couple of days waiting for flight Ticket.

Flying in Nepal is being more popular as compared to the driving as it saves time and more comfortable. Nepal’s domestic airlines network includes some of the most remote and spectacular airstrips in the world. The approaches to these airstrips are difficult. Many are on mountain sides surrounded by high peaks. Therefore, if there are clouds or high winds, the pilot cannot land. The classic remark by one captain explains the picture perfectly: We don’t fly through clouds because in Nepal the clouds have rocks in them’.

Many new domestic airlines have taken to the skies since the privatization for the airline industry in 1991 (and several have even gone defunct). All are based in Kathmandu, and most operate with small STOL (Short Take Off & Landing) aircraft like Twin Otters. Below is a short profile of each airline.

Yeti Airways
Yeti Airways was established in 1998 and operates with a fleet of four 19-seater DHC-6-300 Twin Otter aircraft. Their route net covers mountain flight (Everest Flight), Lukla, Pokhara, Simikot, Phaplu, Simara, Lamidanda, Rumjatar, Simara, Bharatpur, Bhadrapur, Bhairawa, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj, and Jomsom.

Buddha Air
Nepal’s trendiest airline operates with the most modern fleet – four Raytheon Beech 1900D 19-seater aircraft. Buddha Air stresses the safety factor, and though recently established in 1997, has quickly grown to be popular. Destinations served include Pokhara, Biratnagar, Nepalganj, Bhairawa, Bhadrapur, and mountain flight.

Gorkha Airlines
Gorkha Airlines has been in operation since 1996, serving Pokhara, Jomsom, Lukla, Bharatpur, Bhadrapur, Tumlingtar, Simara, and Bhairawa with two 19-seater Dornier 228s.

Nepal Airlines
Nepal’s national flag carrier is yet to gain popularity despite having been established over three decades ago. The government-owned airline, however, has the most extensive network of domestic routes, serving virtually every remote district in the country. Royal Nepal operates its domestic network with a fleet of 19-seat Twin Otters and 44-seat Avro (HS-748) aircraft.

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Recently the air traveling in Nepal is increasing very highly as the road journey is long and exhausting in the mountains and mid-hill regions. The Road journey even more risky and difficult as the situation of Highway is poor. In the rainy season as July August there is no option to travel rather than air.

Now the Domestic Airlines have good serving capacity. You can fly to many destinations in Nepal to plan your holiday more comfortable with the majestic experience.

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Domestic air schedule & Fare  In Nepal

Sector Airlines Name Air Fare Remarks
From /To U.S. $ KTM= Kathmandu
KTM-MNT Buddha, Yeti, Cosmic 249.00 MNT= Mountain
KTM-PKR Buddha, Yeti, Cosmic, Gorkha , Royal Nepal Airlines, 147.00 PKR=Pokhara
KTM-LUA Yeti, Sita, Gorkha , Royal Nepal Airlines, Agni 250.00 LUA=Lukla
KTM-BWA Buddha, Yeti, Cosmic 171.00 BWA=Bhairahawa
KTM-BIR Buddha, Yeti, Sita, Cosmic 184.00 BIR=Biratnagar
KTM-JNK Buddha, Cosmic, Agni 87.00 JNK=Janakpur
KTM-BHR Yeti, Buddha 131.00 BHR=Bharatpur
KTM-BDP Buddha, Yeti, Cosmic 223.00 BDP=Bhadrapur
KTM-KEP Yeti, , Buddha, 227.00 KEP= Nepalgunj
KTM-SIF Yeti, Buddh 220.00 SIF= Simara
KTM-LMD Nepal Airlines, 95.00 LMD= Lamidanda
KTM-RUM Yeti , Nepal Airlines, 251.00 RUM=Rumjatar
KTM-TUM Royal Nepal Airlines, Buddha 170.00 TUM= Tumlingtar
KTM-PPL Yeti , Royal Nepal Airlines, 170.00 PPL=Phaplu
KTM-DHI Royal Nepal Airlines, Sita, 270.00 DHI= Dhangadi
KTM-TPJ Yeti , Royal Nepal Airlines, 242.00 TPJ=Taplejung
KTM-NGX Yeti 250.00 NXG=Manang
PKR-JOM Buddha , Royal Nepal Airlines 143.00 JOM=Jomsom
PKR-NGX Yeti, Manang (Optional) 180.00 NXG=Manang
KEP-DOP Royal Nepal Airlines 184.00 DOP=Dolpo
KEP-IMK Royal Nepal Airlines 205.00 IMK= Simikot
BIR-TPJ Royal Nepal Airlines 123.00 TPJ= Taplejung

Domestic Airport Tax at present is NPR 170 per person (Approximately US $ 2.5, INR 106.00)

Note : Round trip fare will be double and price are subjected to change without prior notice

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